Edwin Evers

Birthdate November 30, 1974
Hometown Talala, OK, USA USA
Tournament B.A.S.S.
Personal Web Site
Records 2016 Bassmaster Classic Champion
2013 B.A.S.S. Elite Alabama River Champion
2011 B.A.S.S. Elite St. Johns RiverChampion
2007 B.A.S.S. Elite Lake Erie Champion

Chris Zaldain

Birthdate September 11, 1984
Hometown San Jose, CA, USA USA
Tournament B.A.S.S.
Personal Web Site
Records 2013 Elite Series 8th place
2011 Bass Pro Shops Central Open #2 (Arkansas River) 2nd place
2005 Western Open #2 (Clear Lake) Champion



Lionel GROU

Country FRANCE France
Tournament French GUYANA at AIMARA
Favorite rod F4-66X Cyclone
Favorite lure Z-CRANK X
Records Winner of the Open « back to basic » in 2012
Winner of the MARSIBASS competition (in South east of France) in 2000 and 2001
Champion of France for Black bass in 2001 and 2002.
Champion of France for Bass fishing in 2001 and 2002.
Comment I joined the Ultimate Fishing team as field tester and competitor in August 2002. Fan of lures fishing and in particular of Megabass’ lures, I had the opportunities to participate to lots of French and European competitions.
During the French fishing shows in Nantes and Clermont-Ferrand, I met lots of people who needed information and of course focused them on Megabass lures.
I practice all the modern fishing technics and my dream would be to participate to a Japanese or an American bass competition.

William FAU

Birthdate Oct 15, 1988
Country FRANCE France
Competition history Between 2009 and 2013, I competed in the Ultimate Fishing team (French Megabass distributor), at the French freshwater tour “Defi Predators” with my fishing partner C. Rapin. After finishing 2nd at the national final in 2009 we went on to win the South division as well as the national final in 2011! I thoroughly enjoyed participating in these events. In 2012/13, we got some results but saltwater attraction was every day stronger. So, I decided to stop freshwater competitions and devote myself to saltwater fishing only.
Comment Since fishing hooked me, one brand always stayed one step ahead… You guess which one! Quality, design and colors are just amazing, thanks to Yuki ITO! I’m particularly fond of the elaborate rods and the high quality blanks. Every model is so unique, once you’ve tried and tested one, you could never go back to another brand, believe me, I am talking from experience!
Megabass is a brand which has greatly contributed to the evolution of lure fishing, and is always looking for innovation to satisfy passionate anglers all around the world.
My first Megabass tackle choice From my point of view, the best soft bait rod I’ve ever tried is the Destroyer Intimidarter F3-64XS 3/16-1/2oz. Its action is as fast as I like and its resonance is just perfect! You can feel the smallest bite and control the biggest sea bass with this unique rod!
One of my favorite Megabass Softbait is the Hazedong, maybe because I caught my biggest sea bass and porgies on it! I can’t go fishing without a pack, I feel that this is one of the most effective soft baits!

Stephane Poinçot

Birthdate Dec 16, 1972
Hometown FRANCE France
Records 2006 6th French Ligue 1
2007 11th French Ligue 1
2008 7th French Ligue 1
2009 5th French Ligue 1
2011 1st French Ligue 2
2012 7th French Ligue 1
2013 Finalist of Ligue 1 (GN CARLA) and selected as a member of French
Team for the World championship in North Irland (Enniskilen).
2014 Finalist of Ligue 1 (GN CARLA) and selected as a member French
Team for the World championship in France (Bourget).
2015 NITRO CUP 39/120 , LUCIO in Spain 11/90



John Cahill

Hometown Melbourne, Australia AUSTRALIA
Personal Web Site
Comments John Cahill is an experienced lure angler that fishes all over Australia, Indonesia, Fiji, Malaysia, New Zealand and as far away as Oman. His specialty covers both freshwater and saltwater and his favorite species are the GT and Australia’s Murray Cod. He is highly versatile angler who in particular focusses on top water casting techniques. He is very active as a fishing writer / photographer in Australia and overseas.



Kim Seongnam

Birthdate Sep 1, 1969
Country KOREA Korea
Records 2013 N.S CUP Finalist
2011 J.S COMPANY CUP Champion
2010 CHEONRYU CUP Champion

Yang Sunghoon

Birthdate Aug 25,1995
Hometown Yongin, Gyeonggi, Korea Korea



Yi-Ting Wu

Birthdate Oct 3, 1986
Country Taiwan TAIWAN
Competition Records Championship at MEGABASS Asian Cup Taiwan Area.
Personal Web Site I was born in Oct 3rd 1986, fishing has been an outdoor activity for entertainment to my family elders, to be imperceptibly influenced by that, it was developed to my habit. From stream-fishing to pool-fishing, I’ve turned to rock-fishing off-shore fishing when I was in senior high, then raft-fishing to Maeuch-method. Finally into lure-fishing field. Comparing to the previous mentioned, raw-lure fishing methods is a breakthrough. Except patience is needed, fisher’s techniques、intelligence and knowledge are being tested. Not only have to considerate about climate and water temperature, but to judge the location of target fish, then decide to use what kind of bait to fish. It really attracts me a lot and makes me want to explore more about it.
Meanwhile, my insistence and patience to fight fish has been cultivated since ever then.



Adlizam Yasin

Birthdate Nov 29, 1972
Hometown Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA MALAYSIA
Personal Web Site

Jacky Chang

Birthdate 1975
Hometown Malaysia MALAYSIA
Wechat jcsportfishing
Records 2016 Royal Belum sport fishing challenge Double Champion



Mr.Kokiat Saksomboon

Birthdate 20 Nov. 1975



Tran Khai Hoan

Birthdate September 11, 1996
Hometown Ca Mau, Vietnam VIET NAM

Kenny Nguyen

Birthdate April 20
Hometown Vietnam VIET NAM
Favorite lure FX9, X120, Cyclone, Griffon etc…



Tsuguhiko Komori:小森 嗣彦

Birthdate Oct, 20, 1974
Hometown Chiba, JAPAN JAPAN
Tournament JB TOP50
Personal Web Site
Records 2012 Basser Allstar Classic Champion
2012 JB TOP50 Angler of the Year
2010 JB TOP50 Kitaura Champion
2010 JB TOP50 Angler of the Year

2012年、JB TOP50で圧倒的な強さを見せ付け、前人未到の三度目となるワールドチャンピオンを獲得。さらに2012年、バサーオールスタークラシックを制覇し、破竹の勢いでトーナメントシーンを邁進するトップアスリート。シャッディングXやFX9、ベビーエクスプローズ、サイクロンをはじめ、競技で勝つために自らメガバスルアーを選択。そのポテンシャルを存分に引き出している、日本最強のトーナメンター。

In 2012, Tsuguhiko Komori became the first ever 3 time JB World Champion thanks to his outstanding performance in the JB TOP50 category, the highest level of tournament tours in Japan. He also won the Basser All-star Classic that same year. He is an unstoppable top athlete that constantly strives for his next win. He chooses Megabass lures to help him win such as Shading X, FX9, Baby X-Plose, and Cyclone. He is an incredibly talented Japanese tournament angler who brings out the best in Megabass lures.

Shunsuke Nomura:野村 俊介

Birthdate Jun 7, 1978
Hometown Shizuoka,JAPAN JAPAN
Tournament JB TOP50
Personal Web Site
Records 2013 JB Lake Kawaguchi Angler of the Year
2013 JB TOP50 Hibara Champion
2012 JB ELITE5 Champion
2012 JB Lake Kawaguchi Angler of the Year
2011 JB Lake Kawaguchi Angler of the Year

JB TOP50プロ。JB史上最多優勝を誇り、特にホームレイク河口湖では圧倒的なパワーを見せつけ、2013年河口湖BでA.O.Y.を2012年にはエリート5も制した。フィネスを得意とし、勝つための釣りにこだわるアスリートアングラー。

Shunsuke Nomura is a JB TOP50 pro and owns the record for the most wins in the history of JB (Japan Bass Pro Association). He is especially dangerous on his home lake, Lake Kawaguchi − he won the 2013 JB Lake Kawaguchi Angler of the Year. He was also an Elite 5 champion in 2012. Nomura is an expert on finesse fishing and he fishes to win.

Naoki Kusumoto:楠本直樹

Birthdate Jun,18,1974
Hometown Tokushima, JAPAN JAPAN
Profile 旧吉野川を知り尽くしたスーパーロコガイド。野池の陸っぱりからボートまで、様々なフィールドにおいて多彩な攻略パターンを引き出す、バーサタイルアングラー。

Naoki Kusumoto is an extremely talented local guide who knows everything about the Kyu Yoshi River. He is a highly versatile angler who has a knack for developing effective patterns for catching bass anywhere from bank fishing in a small pond to boat fishing.

Kazuya Sugimura:杉村 和哉

Hometown Shiga, JAPAN JAPAN
Profile 日本最大のバスフィールド、琵琶湖のパターンを瞬時に分析、アジャストし、数多くのビッグフィッシュを仕留めているスーパープロガイド。ビッグレイクだけでなく、様々なフィールドパターンに精通する気鋭のスペシャリストも、過酷なメガバスタックルテストに深く関与。プロガイドという職業柄、使い手であるユーザー、顧客目線で使い勝手の良さを追求している。

Kazuya Sugimura is a very talented professional guide who has the ability to quickly analyze and adjust to current conditions in order to catch numerous big fish on Japan’s largest body of water, Lake Biwa. This energetic angler’s knowledge of the big fish lake, as well as a variety of other lakes and rivers, makes him an integral part of the rigorous Megabass tackle testing process. Because he is a guide, he dedicates his time to pursuing products that are user friendly.


Birthdate Sep10,1991
Hometown Shizuoka, JAPAN JAPAN
Tournament JB
2011 JAPAN Open Classic Qualifier
2010 JB2 Lake Kawaguchi Champion


Seina received intensive bass fishing lessons while she was young and started competing at an early age. Thanks to her strong competitive mindset, she has won many tournaments on Lake Kawaguchi. Currently she plays an active role on the Megabass promotional team. Worldwide, Seina is becoming a very popular female angler.

Kenzo Tokunaga:徳永 兼三

Hometown Kanagawa, JAPAN JAPAN
Profile 日本のソルトウォータールアーフィシングのパイオニア。IGFA・JGFAレコードホルダーであり、世界各地のメディアでも紹介されるワールドワイドフィッシャーマン。東京湾のボートシーバスから南海のビッグゲームまでを網羅する。

Kenzo Tokunaga is the pioneer of Japanese saltwater lure fishing, as well as an IGFA/JGFA record holder. He is recognized worldwide and covers a variety of fishing methods − from Tokyo Bay Seabassing, to the pursuit of big fish in the Southern Sea.

Jyunya Okamoto:岡本 順哉

Hometown Aichi, JAPAN JAPAN
Profile 三河湾を中心に活躍するプロガイドチーム「トップガン」のメンバー。膨大な知識と経験を元に、広大なフィールドを縦横無尽に駆け巡り、数多くのドラマフィッシュを釣り上げている。

Jyunya Okamoto is a member of the “Top Gun” professional guide team in Mikawa Bay. He fishes in a variety of locations and catches a lot of memorable fish thanks to his deep knowledge and vast experience.

Haruki Monnaga:門永 晴記

Hometown Hiroshima, JAPAN JAPAN
Profile 瀬戸内のシーバス・クロダイゲームを得意とするマルチアングラー。ブログでたびたび紹介される港湾や河川といった身近なフィールドでの釣行は、多くのアングラーの共感を呼び、スタイルを学ぶファンも多い。

Haruki Monnaga specializes in Seabass and Black Sea Bream in Setouchi. His blog often features easily accessible bodies of water, which attracts attention from local anglers. There are many fans who have adopted his unique fishing style.

Shinichiro Nakazawa:中澤 新一郎

Hometown Shizuoka, JAPAN JAPAN
Profile リバーシーバスとサーフフィッシングを得意とするランカーハンター。日中の瀬を攻める河川攻略には特に定評がある。文章力が冴え、釣りに対する世界感を感じさせる叙情的なブログが人気を博している。

Shinichiro Nakazawa is a lunker hunter who specializes in river seabass and surf fishing. He is well known for the success he has while fishing river rapids in the middle of the day. Nakazawa’s popularity has grown thanks to his blog that gives readers great insight into his fishing lifestyle.