あらゆるアングルから繰り出すピンポイントシューティングにジャストフィットする「HUNTING-ANGLE HANDLE」は、クラフトマンのハンドメイド工程によって、メガバスファクトリーのエルゴノミックデータから導き出されたフォームゲージに沿って、一本一本、無垢のナチュラルウッドから入念に削り出されます。

HUNTSMAN™ is an extreme trout shaft.

The rod building philosophy of Yuki Ito, the founder of Megabass, has been awakened in the world of native trout. Harnessing the craftsmanship of the Megabass Factory and the next-generation technology of ITO Engineering, the GREAT HUNTING HUNTSMAN™ is a boundary-pushing trout rod for true naturalists and purists.
The HUNTING-ANGLE HANDLE is handmade by craftsmen one at a time from solid hardwood and follows careful contours derived from ergonomic data from the Megabass Factory. The intuitive grip is just right for pinpoint cast approaches from all angles.
The surprisingly high torque produced by the slender blanks is due to ITO Engineering’s rod technology, enabling powerful catches. The new ultra-lightweight guide system realizes low trajectory casts with low friction and seamless retrieves with enhanced landing ratios by reducing line stress. The guides are the latest ultra-lightweight titanium framed SiCʼs.
The reel seat parts are precision machined from a solid high-strength aluminum block. The specially designed slim trigger is joined with an ergonomically carved hardwood handle to inspire a natural fit, high rigidity and superb angler feel.
Crafted for hunters who challenge the treasured fish of remote mountain streams.


Item Sub name Length Action Lure capa Line capa Weight 継数 カーボン含有率 Other.1 Other.2
GHBF48-3UL   4'8" Regular 1 - 6g 1 - 4lb. 100g 3本 99% Handle Type : SHORT Closed Length : 50cm
GHBF53-3UL   5'3" Regular 1 - 6g 1 - 4lb. 105g 3本 99% Handle Type : SHORT Closed Length : 56cm
GHBF60-4L   6'0" MediumFast 2 - 10g 2 - 8lb. 153g 4本 99% Handle Type : MIDDLE Closed Length : 49cm
GHBF511-4L TANABIRA SPECIAL 5'11" Ex.Fast→MediumFast 2 - 10g 2 - 8lb. 115g 4本 99% Handle Type : SHORT Closed Length : 49cm