DESTROYER T.S | Megabass-メガバス





その名は、TS氏が愛し続けるデストロイヤーの称号を冠する、「DESTROYER TS」モデル。

The Ultimate Edition that Embodies the Passionate Dreams of True Contenders.

At the ITO Engineering studio, we tailor-make special custom tackle for anglers who are in tune with the sensibilities of Yuki Ito. ITO has supported the lifelong endeavors of leading Japanese actor TS to challenge world records. We’ve created a special edition rod designed to securely hook and land monster bass. The superb specs featured in this rod are a true expression of TS’ uncompromising passion and commitment to thorough field testing.
To commemorate TS’ love for the DESTROYER series, this rod was given the name DESTROYER TS. This special shaft embodies not only the passion needed to challenge world records, but also incorporates numerous unrevealed cutting-edge technologies that have yet to see widespread adoption.


Item Sub name Length Action Lure capa Line capa Weight 継数 カーボン含有率 Other.1 Other.2
TS72X POKER 7'2" FAST 1/2 - 3oz. 12 - 30lb. 186g 1本 99%
TS77X CASINO 7'7" MEDIUM FAST 2 - 6oz. 16 - 30lb. 216g 2本 99% Closed Length : 195cm オフセットハンドル
TS78X BACCARAT 7'8" MEDIUM FAST 4 - 10oz. 20 - 40lb. 251g 2本 99% Closed Length : 195cm オフセットハンドル
TS711X BLACK JACK 7'11" REGULAR 1/2 - 4oz. 16 - 30lb. 229g 1本 99%
TS78X+ KING OF BACCARAT 7'8" MEDIUM FAST 3 - 15oz. 16 - 40lb. 274g 2本 99% Closed Length : 192cm オフセットハンドル
TS79X HUNTING WEAPON 209 7'9" REGULAR 4 - 20oz. 20 - 40lb. 303g 2本 99% Closed Length : 194cm オフセットハンドル
TS82X TENCHIJIN 8'2" REGULAR 6 - 25oz. 25 - 45lb. 362g 2本 99% Closed Length : 205cm オフセットハンドル
TS72XS 775 7'2" MEDIUM FAST 3/8 - 1.1/4oz. 12 - 30lb. 156g 1本 99%