VALKYRIE World Expedition



●VALKYRIE エクステンションシャフト

This unique multi-piece expedition series features a shaft engineered with four layers of super lightweight, high sensitivity carbon and high elasticity glass fiber. The unique resilience of glass distributes the load of heavyweight lures along the length of the rod, while the carbon material’s astonishing power supercharges casting distance and control. These features create an indominable shaft that can easily launch magnum-sized lures. The overwhelming power and torque made possible by the synergy of the two component materials will shut down the intense pulling power of target fish. The glass material can dynamically absorb and adapt to the violent attacks of monsters, greatly reducing the risk of lost bites. It secures slim-chance hook ups and successfully lands target fish. This composite shaft will allow you to decisively capitalize on rare opportunities and land those unique prizes.

Attaching the extension shaft to the butt increases the length from 8’8” to 9’6”. As the extension shaft lacks guides, it is possible to transform the rod without cutting the line and re-rigging. This allows for quick and easy adjustment to achieve optimal rod length according to the size of the field, the desired flight distance, accuracy concerns, wind, and positioning.
※Equipped on the VKS-88-96MH-5.5


Item Length Action Lure capa Line capa Weight 継数 カーボン含有率 Other.1 Other.2
VKC-58ML-4 5'8" REGULAR MAX 30g MAX 20lb. PE 2.0 124g 4本 85% カーボン85% グラス15% Closed Length : 49cm
VKC-68M-4 6'8" REGULAR MAX 35g MAX 25lb. PE 2.5 141g 4本 85% カーボン85% グラス15% Closed Length : 58cm
VKC-65MH-4 6'5" MEDIUM FAST MAX 70g MAX 30lb. PE 5.0 154g 4本 80% カーボン80% グラス20% Closed Length : 54cm
VKC-78H-4 7'8" MEDIUM FAST MAX 120g MAX 40lb. PE 6.0 198g 4本 70% カーボン70% グラス30% Closed Length : 65cm
VKC-711XH-4 7'11" MEDIUM FAST MAX 150g MAX 50lb. PE 8.0 214g 4本 70% カーボン70% グラス30% Closed Length : 67cm
VKC-80XXH-4 8'0" FAST MAX 180g MAX 50lb. PE 10 271g 4本 70% カーボン70% グラス30% Closed Length : 67cm
VKS-610ML-4 6'10" MEDIUM FAST MAX 20g PE MAX 1.5 130g 4本 85% カーボン85% グラス15% Closed Length : 59cm
VKS-76M-4 7'6" MEDIUM FAST MAX 40g PE MAX 2.0 183g 4本 85% カーボン85% グラス15% Closed Length : 66cm
VKS-88-96MH-5.5 8'8" - 9'6" MEDIUM FAST MAX 70g PE MAX 3.0 267g 5.5本 75% カーボン75% グラス25% Closed Length : 59cm
VKC-61XH 6'1" REGULAR 1/2 - 5.1/4oz. 20 - 40lb. PE:MAX5号 196g 1本 45% カーボン45% グラス55%
VKC-66XH 6'6" REGULAR 1/2 - 5.1/4oz. 20 - 40lb. PE:MAX5号 193g 1本 45% カーボン45% グラス55%