@SHADOW XX | Megabass-メガバス



Incorporating Megabass’ custom XX blank matrix technology, Shadow XX isdeigned for casting performance, feel, and enjoyment. With a carefully patterned and rolled multi-axis blank, the Shadow XX loads smoothly even with smaller Seabass lures, building up surprising energy to power ruthlessly long casts.
High-power and high torsional rigidity of the butt section takes full control of lunker Seabass, leaving no doubts throughout the fight.
Built for anglers who pursue the latest technological advantage, and seek to find joy in every cast.


Item Sub name Length Action Lure capa Line capa Weight 継数 カーボン含有率 Bearings Gear Ratio Line /Handle Turn Drag Max Type カラー 入数 Other.1 Other.2
SXX-78L 7'8" MEDIUM FAST MAX 20g MAX 10lb. (PE 1.0) 129g 2本 99%
SXX-96ML 9'6" MEDIUM FAST MAX 30g MAX 15lb. (PE 1.5) 162g 2本 99%
SXX-100M 10'0" REGULAR MAX 40g MAX 20lb. (PE 2.0) 181g 2本 99%
SXX-110M 11'0" MEDIUM FAST MAX 40g MAX 20lb. (PE 2.0) 188g 2本 99%
SXX-86L.S   8'6" REGULAR MAX 16g MAX 1.0PE 146g 2本 99% Closed Length : 129.54cm
SXX-87ML   8'7" MEDIUM FAST MAX 28g MAX 16lb. (PE 1.2) 157g 2本 99% Closed Length : 130.81cm
SXX-80HC   8'0" REGULAR MAX 70g MAX 3.0PE 183g 2本 99% Closed Length : 209cm グリップジョイント