メガバスグループは、自然を愛するわたしたちにとって持続可能な開発目標(SDGs)を定め、5つのP 「①People(人間) ②Planet(地球)③Prosperity(繁栄) ④Peace(平和)⑤Partnership(パートナーシップ)」についてアクションをしています。

The Megabass Group has established Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that resonate with our love for nature, focusing on five key areas: ① People, ② Planet, ③ Prosperity, ④ Peace, and ⑤ Partnership. We are actively engaging in initiatives related to these areas.

In particular, we are involved in various efforts to improve the outdoor environments we interact with (habitats for fish and areas where people enjoy fishing) and the impact of our factories (production sites). Our aim is to sustainably instill the culture and creative activities of fishing in our products and anglers alike. This includes marine port garbage removal, lake and marsh conservation, native tree planting, native fish conservation and restocking, regular implementation of low-power manufacturing, increasing the use of recycled materials, research and incorporation of renewable materials into production, gender equality initiatives, and reducing the use of petroleum-based materials. Megabass has been diversifying its efforts in these areas since the late 1990s.

While the global impact of individual activities may often seem as insignificant as the rustling of leaves on a tree, the tools created by Megabass pursue a common ideal that is shared by anglers across the globe. Together, we can explore new fishing dynamics that inspire with every cast.